The men of the Nehemiah Project have made a commitment to deep discipleship, choosing to live, serve and honor God in community.

If you are interested in becoming the man that God invites you to be then consider being a part of the Nehemiah Project.

This intentional community will have you learning how to enjoy the bonds of other men who are learning how to make a difference in their city.  In the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) we read about a young man named Nehemiah who wasn't a 'professional' minister but made a huge difference for God in the city where he lived.  We want to help men achieve their dreams while moving them into places where they, like Nehemiah, can make their city a better place for Christ and others.

The project takes a year long commitment.  It includes multiple mornings a week rising early, being heavily involved in leading at Mosaic, learning how to build discipline and accountability in your life and picking up some life development skills that will allow you to live financially free from debt, communicate with others, deal with conflict in healthy ways and much more.  If you are desiring a home where boys become men, then the Nehemiah Project may be for you.

For more information on the project please contact our office at 817.801.5700 or contact program leader, Stephen Hammond, at one of our gatherings.