Advent Resources

Below you will find the resources for Advent this season. Each MC Leader is responsible to assign people from their Missional Community to lead the different parts that will lead to the lighting of the candle. Now as your team prepares to share, keep in mind that the lighting of the candle will be followed by communion. In others words, the final thing your team will do is invite our community to "come to the table." Hopefully we can make a smooth transition from the advent theme to taking communion. 

This will be the order of the Advent segment:

1) Advent Themed Video (2 mins, this will be your cue for your MC to go to the stage)

2) Share how the Advent Theme has/can arrive in your/our personal story. (2 min)

3) Read Scripture (1 min)

4) Pray (as someone is praying, someone else can be lighting the next candle)

5) Invite the Community to The Table for Communion


The videos are seperated by each designated week. It is linked with the passage that can be read. If this is changed (we would encourage it), just let us know so we can tell our media team. If you have any questions, please contact Melvin Canales.